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Changing the Oil and Filter
on the D3 S8 V10 Engine
By Paul Waterloo

Oil and Filter Change Intervals
Audi recommends changing the oil and filter on the D3 S8 5.2 V10 engine every 10,000 miles, after the first 5,000 mile oil change. This puts the oil change at the 5,000 mile increment on the odometer i.e. 15,000, 25,000, 35,000 etc.

Type and Viscosity of Oil
There are many types and viscosity of oil. Audi requires using synthetic oil that meets the requirements of VW 502.00 in your engine. This is available locally at PepBoys, Autozone, etc. in the Mobil 1 variety that is label "European Car Formula" normally in the 0W-40 viscosity. Other allowable viscosity is 5W-40 or 5W-30.

Correct synthetic oil that meets the requirements of VW 502.00.

Tools and Supplies Required for 5.2 V10 Motor

Changing the Oil and Filter
Ensure your car is operated before starting the oil change. This allows the engine oil to flow freely and pick up any solids that may be at the bottom of the pan.

A while ago I purchased a vacuum pump to extract the oil on my ML350. With the oil filter on the top of the engine, this is an alternate method of changing the oil.

NOTE: Per the Bently manual, it says NOT TO extract the oil on the W12 engine. It does not say this for the V8 or V10 engine. So you probably want to drain it on the W12 engine.

If draining the engine oil by taking out the drain plug, raise the front end of the car by driving it up on ramps (Rhinoramps are great, and only $20.00) or using a jack and jack stands. Raise the whole front end off the ground. If you don't, it makes removing and installing the belly pan very difficult.

The use of Rhinoramps makes the oil change very easy. Paul's 1997 A8 shown....that's a long time ago!
They cost $20.00 at your local parts store.

Remove the belly pan using a flat tip stubby screwdriver. Pictures to come later. However, it's pretty self explanatory.

Make sure you have a LARGE drain pan, one of at least 16 quarts. There is 11 quarts of oil in the pan and it drains out fast! Place the pan under the car and unscrew the oil pan drain plug and let the oil drain out. You can put your finger over the hole if you have two pairs of surgeon's gloves on to slow the flow down during the initial stages. It is also a good idea to place a large piece of cardboard on the floor below the drain pan to catch the splashing oil.

Alternately, I extracted the oil out using my oil extractor. Since it has a 2.3 gallon capacity, I need to extract about half, drain it, then extract the second half.

Extracting oil with vacuum pump. No need to jack the car up or remove the belly pan.

While the oil is draining, remove the oil filter housing.

Remove the engine beauty cover on the back of the engine by pulling up on it. Using a pair of pliers, crimp the hose clamp on the EVAP valve and pull the EVAP valve out of the hose, no need to disconnect the electrical connection.

Remove EVAP valve.

Using 32mm socket, remove oil filter housing cover.

Once the oil filter housing cover is removed, there is a valve that opens that allows the oil to drain into the crankcase. It will not be all oil soaked.

Filter housing and new filter.

When reassembling, lubricate the housing o-ring and stub pipe with fresh engine oil and install. I installed the oil filter first so I could put the stub pipe into the hole then installed the housing. Torque the housing to 18 ft-lbs (25 NM). The oil pan drain plug is also torqued to 18 ft-lbs (25 NM).

Filter housing with housing removed.

Fill the engine with a minimum of 10 quarts of oil. Measure oil level on dipstick. Start the car and let idle 1-2 minutes. Check for leaks. Install the belly pan if removed. Drive the car off the ramps or lower with a jack.

With the car on level ground, check the oil level and add to the full mark. Check and adjust oil level, my car took 11 quarts. Reset the oil indicator light using your ross-tech software if you have it!

HINT: My nephew gave me this tip, buy a 5 gallon bucket and lid for about $6 and put your waste oil in it. With almost 3 gallons, this saves a lot of time, effort and spilled oil. Put it in your car (because the outside is clean) and bring it back to the parts store for disposal!

Put the oil in a five gallon bucket and bring it in for disposal!

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