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Bluetooth Hands Free
Phone Retrofit in an Audi D3 A8

What Does the Kit Do? has engineered a retrofit kit for the 04 and 05 D3 A8 and A8L's that did not come equipped with Bluetooth. This kit can be purchased through

Bluetooth is a wireless protocol that allows the user to have their phone in their pocket and being able to send and receive a call via the installed Sony HCB-30 Bluetooth hands free phone system. can also provide an add on that allows a phone cradle to dock your phone into, which will charge it and attach it to the installed factory cellular antenna.

  • Uses existing factory installed components including B pillar speaker, factory installed antenna and wiring.

  • Mutes the radio when the phone is in use.

  • No unsightly installation, looks factory installed.

  • Phone cradle can be installed for charging of the phone and use of factory installed external antenna (mandatory for non Bluetooth compatible phones).

  • Bluetooth compatible option so no cradle is required.

  • Bluetooth option can also be supplied with phone cradle option, so the phone can be in the users pocket or the cradle and still operate. If in the cradle, it uses the installed external antenna for better reception and charges the phone.
Kit Components can supply a variety of different options. Recommended options include the Sony HCB-30 hands free Bluetooth kit, the installation kit, the Kuda phone mount, and a modified power supply to charge the phone.

The hands free phone kit includes a modified Sony HCB-30 kit (you can supply it or have supply it), factory wiring connections for the 42 pin connector at the Telematics box, and a few tools and trim removal stick to perform the job.

Components supplied in the kit include factory wiring jumpers,
trim stick removal tool, grommet for telematics box.

The HCB-30 wiring harness is slightly modified for the D3 A8.

Stock Sony HCB-30 kit shown above. The kit is slightly modified for use in the D3 A8. The speaker is not used, the factory B pillar speaker on the passenger side is used, the wiring harness is slightly modified. The button is used to answer, hang up and use voice activated address book entries. It is mounted on the dash just above the climate control unit.

If you'd like the Kuda mount, charger and external factory cellular antenna to be used, send in your factory V60 phone base, removal directions can be found here. The wiring harness is then modified to power a charger for your specific phone. will reverse engineer the charger, and make a wiring harness for it. A wiring harness is also made for to run to the phone cradle specific to your phone. A custom antenna connection will be made for your specific phone cradle to the factory connection under the armrest.

Kuda center console phone cradle mount, and custom wired phone cradle,
power supply to charge the phone and antenna extension wire.

Every kit is slightly different, so the cost can change slightly. Components of the system and basic costs are outlined below. Email Paul Waterloo with your specifics if you are interested in a kit.

  • Sony HCB-30 Kit - $145.00

  • install kit - $155.00

    Includes modification of HCB-30 kit, factory wiring extensions, tools, custom antenna connection, mounting of phone specific cradle, modification/wiring of power supply, detailed instructions with over 40 pictures, detailed 3 page wiring diagram/instructions

  • Kuda Console Mount - $65 for black, $77 for other colors

  • Phone cradle for your specific phone - $40-60 depending on phone model, can procure it for you

  • Cigarette lighter power supply to be modified - $15-$25 (you can supply your own if you have extras)

  • Shipping via USPS Priority Mail - $20.00

This kit could easily be installed by a car audio shop with the given instructions. You should expect to pay $100-$200 for installation.

If you are in the Chicagoland area or area where I travel to, can do the install for you for an additional $100.

Or if you are handy or modified your car, you could do this yourself with the detailed instructions.

I provide support during installation!

Pictures of Installations
The following are a few pictures of kits supplied and installation locations. If you are interested in one, please email Paul Waterloo for more information and pricing. It normally takes 2-3 weeks to source the parts and modify the components.

Motorola V600, V500 or V700 series phone cradle installed on Kuda console mount.

Sony Ericsson T616 Phone install on Kuda console mount.

The HCB-30 brain box is mounted on the bottom left of the dash.

The kit microphone must be used due to impedance issues.

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