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Integrating a Taidan Garage Door Opener
By Paul Waterloo

You can install a Taidan garage door opener with the high beam lights power supply. When you flash your high beams it opens the garage door! Very cool if you don't have a HomeLink system installed on your car.

Beware, this system only works with the new "rolling code" garage door opener systems. I retrofitted a Genie rolling code switch to my existing garage door to use this system.

The Tiadan garage door opener only works with a rolling code system. An upgrade is available like the kit above at home improvement stores for about $50.

The system consists of the garage door opener, an antenna and power supply (12 VDC) wires.

The Taidan remote mounts inside the headlight assembly
and is activated by flashing the high beams.

To install the remote, the left hand side (driver's) headlight rear cover is removed. A tamper proof Torx T-25 is required if you have xenon headlights. Remove five screws and take back cover off.

If you do not have xenons, just pop the rear cover off.

Xenons require a tamper proof Torx T-25 to remove the screws on the cover.

Tamper proof Torx bits are hollow in the middle.

Tape the remote down on the inside cover as shown below. The antenna will work just fine inside the cover.

Remote mounted inside rear headlight cover

The remote needs to be attached to the high beam power and ground. See picture below for description of headlight components.

The remote will be wired into the high beam power and ground.

Using the supplied insulation displacement connectors, connect the wires as shown below, red to white, black to brown. Use a pair of pliers to set the insulation displacement teeth before trying to close the folding tab.

Both power and ground hooked up. Program, test and put cover back on! It's that simple.

After the wires are connected, program the remote in accordance with your rolling code garage door opener instructions. This normally requires pressing a "learn" button on the garage door opener and then teaching it by transmitting with your new remote. This is accomplished by flashing the headlights as required.

That's it, you're done!

Where to Purchase
I purchased my transmitter from Ben, it was $36.00 including shipping. If you'd like one, email Ben. He will get back to you if he has them in stock.

Pictures from a Facelift A8
If you have a facelift A8/S8 (2000 and newer) here are two pictures of a Taidan remote installed.

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